Roxies Doxies Studs 

All our boys have very sweet temperaments.                

     Reasonable STUD SERVICE      

 "Cacee"  ~  (9#)

 LH Cream {he is a hidden Dapple. 

 {Cacee's parents are ~

Allee (LH Red/Cream &

 But-ins (LH B/C Dapple)




 Below ~ Woodee as a youngster ~~~





  "Ringo"  ~   (8#)

  Wirehair & his color is Wild Boar 

   {he carries Piebald. 

His parents are Sundae (soft Wire Wheaten Pie)& Rockett (SH Cream) 


"Red"   ~   (7#) 

 SH Red [very soft coat]

 { Carries Piebald 

We got Red as a pup from Paige Bisbee (Black Beaver Creek Farm & Kennel) in Orr, MN. Thank you Paige for our Red, Lillee, Sissy, Brandee II & Chaia.

Red is our youngest stud. He has mated 3 of our girls (Nov/Dec litters). Once Red produces litters, we will retire Woodee by early 2019. 

These are his younger photos that will be updated), but you can see his beautiful red coloring...






"Woodee"  ~ (9#)
SH Red Piebald





Below> Maxeen - Woodee - Rosee. 



 Below ~ Ringo as a youngster ~~~

 Ringo's Mom ~ Sundae

 Ringo's Dad ~ Rockett

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