Due to the overwhelming inquiries for puppies, I am NOT adding any more names to my wait list until October.
Roxie Ebert ~ Owner and Chuck,

 my loving husband

Before bringing home a perfect Dachsie puppy~~          you must first find a responsible, dedicated Doxie breeder.~~~  

For those of you that are owned by a Roxie's Doxie ~~ we do babysit ~~ whether it's for a few days or a week or two weeks.
 AKC inspection :

 In compliance 08/20/2019.

Updated  ~ May 19, 2020
  PLEASE BEWARE OF SCAMS on Facebook sites (and websites) selling Dachshunds, whether it's one pup posted, or several listed. There are red flags to search for.  Scammers change their names & locations. Google their names & inquire on FB with reputable breeders. There are closed pages on FB listing the scammers so they can't see us posting proof about their false pups advertised. As soon as they are found out, they change their name & state. I see weekly posts of people supposedly selling their own pups. 

 Scam sites show a variety of perfect puppy photos listing them all as 9 weeks old. You won't realize it, but they are stealing breeders' photos. If you are unsure, ask to see a current photo of same pup with today's date written on paper with that pup.

 They require deposits to be sent thru Walmart money grams or gift cards, sometimes to be sent to a different person. Get phone #s & talk with whoever is suppose to be handling the pup.

 They offer all the pups posted at the same price, with relatively inexpensive prices (compare prices with other breeders--we are pretty much in the same ball park for price differences of solid colors vs. dapples & piebalds).

 They offer special discounts (coupons) on pups & offer FREE shipping. Watch for the special offer for two (or three!) pups to go together (now you are loosing double your $$).

 No reputable breeder can afford to send pups to you for free. There are also scammers that say they will transport your pup, but you send your money but that person turns out not to be a transporter. Use a reputable ground transporter that your breeder can refer you to. Google the transporter & inquire on FB of their reputation, same as you would the breeder in question.

 Be patient if you don't see Doxie pups available in your area. A day's travel time is fine to get your pup. (A pet transporter has several pick ups & deliveries & they do take care of them for several days at a time.) Having a pup shipped clear across the country can be risky in more ways than one, the first being the health of the pup. Ask to be on the wait list with breeders close to you. Keep checking back once a month to let them know your are still looking & interested. It's a courtesy to let them know when you do find your baby...just drop a text or email. I am always glad to hear you've found your baby, since I won't have enough pups for everyone that contacts me.  ~Roxie 

~~Now that you have found us,                please inspect our site!  




        see "Puppies For Sale" page..  ~~~  email Roxie for UTD info.  

        There's a big difference between someone who raises pups to make a profit, and a person            

         who's life revolves around producing quality puppies & cares what happens to them.             

So you don't want a show dog ~ you just want a pet---

our AKC registered Doxie pups are raised for quality, regardless. 

  Our pups go to their new homes with protection from parasites and their first puppy shot. 

You can bring your baby home when he/she is 8 weeks old.  We do NOT ship. 

~~ We are located in 

North-Central Indiana  ~~

  Directions to 


           (We don't live in the barn! )

Going East on Route 24, you'll see our ole

 2-story cattle barn.

 Driving East on Route 24 ~~ You can see our 2-story cattle barn on  south side of Hwy 24. Do NOT drive into Idaville.  We are one mile west of Idaville (we have 25 acres).

~~ ROXIES DOXIES ~~ is on our front sign.

We have a driveway on each side of our house.

(We don't live in the barn!)

We are 4-1/2 miles from West edge of Monticello.

Our green corn wagon has a Roxies Doxies sign seen when driving West on Route 24. 

We are one mile West of Idaville.                                                        

Jake,our Sheltie when he was 6 months old.  

He thought he was a Doxie.  

 Jake is all grown up now.

 Jake loves all the Doxies, big & small.

WELCOME to ROXIES DOXIES Club Paradise!  Our Doxies that run the house have free access to the carpeted back yard, complete with a slide to play "King of the Hill".  Toys that are outside get dragged inside, and the inside toys are dragged out the doggy door! 




For inquiries, please email

Email Roxie:


Roxie's Phone:

Primary & only phone ~  



  Actual & mailing address:

 * Roxanne  Ebert

  *  10598 E US Hwy 24

   *  Idaville, IN  47950 

[near Indiana Beach, Monticello, IN]


We are halfway between 

  Chicago   &   Indianapolis ~~

     -- 90 miles  South of Chicago}

     --  90 miles  East of Ft Wayne}

     --  90 miles North of Indianapolis}

 Go to "Contact Us" page 

to see our Google Map 

Driving East ~ we are on the south side of the road (right).
Driving West ~ we are on the south side of the road. (left) .

 All our Doxie Moms have their puppies born in the baby cribs, with heating pads under the bedding.  After the pups are eating on wet puppy chow/cottage cheese (still nursing), the pups part time have playtime in the playpen. At about 5-1/2 weeks old, they are weaned & are raised with our older Doxie kids, so they experience the activities in the house.

 My husband and I are hands on with the pups.  Our Doxie kids & Jake, our Sheltie, help socialize them.

  Puppies play on the floor part-time and learn to use the "Doggy Steps" (see "Items For Sale" page).  Pups own our sofa by the time they are old enough to go to their new homes! 

Variety of cages available, also.  (see "Items For Sale" page) ~ ~ ~


 Our puppies learn to use the doggie-door at about seven weeks old!  

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