~~ OUR  GIRLS ~~We have a variety of Smoothcoats, Longhairs and Wirehairs. Our longhair coats are considered medium-coats.

"Brandee" ~ LH Brindle 11 lbs.
Brandee has a newborn litter & will be retired in June.
"Pepper" ~ Soft Wirehair solid Black (carries Piebald) 9 lbs.
"Freckles"  ~ traditional Wirehair
Wild Boar Piebald  8 lbs. ~~
Freckles is bred with Ringo (Wire WB), due in May.
Jessee ~ traditional Wirehair Black/Cream Dapple 8 lbs ~ bred with Ringo, due in May.
"Smooches" SH Red Piebald 9 lbs
"Barbee" Silky Wirehair Chocolate/Cream Dapple 10#
"Dazee" LH Chocolate/Cream Dapple 8#
This LH shaded Cream female, "Kookee" is one of our newest additions to our Doxie gang.     
Thanks to Molly Williams in Center Point,TX .  
Molly raises wonderful Doxies...check her out  
on Face Book.                                     
Sissee is SH Red/Cream.  She is one of our future breeders.  Thanks to Paige Bisbee in Minnesota, for raising beautiful, sweet Doxies.
Chaia is LH B&T with brindle in her points.  She is Brandee's sister.  She is one of our young, future breeders.  Thanks to Paige Bisbee.




 This page is still being updated to include all our breeding-age girls.





"Priscilla" LH Cream 9lbs
(Krickett ~ LH Choc Piebald,
 is her Mom) 9lbs
(Cacee ~ LH Cream (hidden Dapple 13lbs) is her Dad)
Krickett  [re-homed] (LH Choc Piebald) is Priscilla's Mom.
Lacee is Krickett's Mom.
"Gabee"  ~ Wirehair Chocolate Piebald 9 lbs
Rosee ~ SH Red 8 lbs.
Sheree LH Cream, 8 lbs ~ bred with Woodee (SH Red Piebald), due end of May.
Pictured with Sheree is SH Black /Cream Lilee, one of our future breeders from Paige Bisbee.
Brandee II is LH Red Brindle.  She is one of our young, future breeders. Thanks to Paige Bisbee in Minnesota, for raising beautiful, sweet Doxies.
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