~~ OUR  GIRLS ~~We have a variety of Smoothcoats, Longhairs and Wirehairs. Our longhair coats are considered medium-coats.

"Bridgett" Soft Wirehair Red 8 lbs
Bridgett is Pepper's daughter.
"Freckles"  ~ traditional Wirehair
Wild Boar Piebald  8 lbs. ~~
Jessee ~ traditional Wirehair Black/Cream Dapple 8 lbs.
Jessee is Freckles/Cacee's daughter.
"Smooches" SH Red Piebald 9 lbs
"Barbee" Silky Wirehair Chocolate/Cream Dapple 10 lbs
"Mokee" (LH Choc/Cream Dapple) 8 lbs
Chaia is LH B&T with brindle in her points.  She is Brandee's sister.   Thanks to Paige Bisbee.




 This page is still being updated to include all our breeding-age girls.





"Priscilla" LH Cream 10#
(Krickett ~ LH Choc Piebald,
 is her Mom) 9lbs
(Cacee ~ LH Cream (hidden Dapple 13lbs) is her Dad)
Krickett  [re-homed] (LH Choc Piebald) is Priscilla's Mom.
Lacee is Krickett's Mom.
"Kokko" (SH Choc/tan) 9 lbs

 SH Black /Cream Lilee 
(SH Black/Cream) 9 lbs
 ~from Paige Bisbee.
Brandee II is LH Red Brindle. Thanks to Paige Bisbee in Minnesota, for raising beautiful, sweet Doxies.
"Jennee" (LH Solid Chocolate) 8 lbs
Jennee is Priscilla's daughter.
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