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Please email Roxie for more info:


As the litters are born ~

 Roxie contacts people on the list

Please email Roxie to touch base.

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***Wirehair Doxies are some of the sweetest Doxies you will ever meet.  If you have been curious, or even never thought you could be attracted to them, now is the time to meet our Roxies Doxies Wirehair Doxie kids.***

More Wirehair pups will be available
 with upcoming litters.  
Email Roxie if you want to be on the list for a cutie-pie Wirehair:  roxiesdoxies@ffni.com

We offer micro chipping for pups & adults.

 Prices shown are "Pet Prices" with Limited AKC registrations.  Please specify if you want Full AKC breeding rights for $100 more.    


Roxie updated this page May 31, 2015


Doggy Steps available ($20 ea) 

 Bring a set home with your pup. 

 Let Roxie know if you want a set of Doggy Steps before getting your pup. 

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Individual photos can be emailed upon request. 

    Please email Roxie and let her know what you will be interested in for your next baby ~ as far as wanting a male or female and what color or coat is your preference.

If you have to call, this is the only # in service: 


Thank you for keeping our Doxie family in mind.

July Litters are here:

Will be another week to

determine coat types.

Shorthair coats 

longhair coats & 

cutie-pie Wirehairs  ~~~

~ Black/tans ~ Chocolates ~  Reds ~ Piebalds 

 Photos of the pups are posted

 after the list is gone over for people waiting to be notified.

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 More photos can be emailed when requested.


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