"P-Nut" is an adult & now lives in Indianapolis.


   Mini Dachshunds normally make terrific family pets. 

   They love companionship & are good little watchdogs.

    Stubbornness is one dominant personality trait of intelligent dogs~~

     Obedience training is suggested ~ to show your Doxie who is the Alfa leader!


Our Jewellee after she was re-homed ~ now called "Jojo".



 Ozzy is one of Woodee's pups.

We start our babies eating solid food
with cottage cheese!

I began my Photo Gallery in honor of my two very best friends ~ ~

           Jo Ann  and  Renee                                 


 My next favorite gal is Tina Vostry.    (12-07-09)  that this photo was taken for Tina, before Frankee was old enough to be brought home.

 This photo was taken (12-10-10) when Tina brought Frankee along to pick up "Hope", a baby girl Cream Doxie.


 *** Custom-made Stained glass *** 

We highly recommed  Brenda Hansen for custom stained glass items. 

Check out her Facebook album entitled Stained Glass Ornaments & Suncatchers.  Brenda is a Doxie owner & lover!

***Email Brenda :  doxilover@neb.rr.com

   Here is our "Evee" in stained glass! 


"Colt's"  Mommy sent this cute photo.  It's been about a month & she says Colt has taken over the house.


Beautiful  "Heide"   has a wonderful family in Chicago. 


 Oscar & Maylee at home with their new family.    

see "Testimonial" page   for  brother & sister . . .

Below:  We babysat Oscar & Maylee at 4 months old! 


~  A  Jump at a horse show ~



   ~~  Low Rider  ~~ 


Dachshunds are also being used for Service Dogs ~


(above)~ Luv this photo of little "Peyton" & her Boxer buddy. 

Mark Garrison (retired Fireman near Indy) is the proud Daddy of our "B-J". B-J is his best buddy!  Thanx Mark!


Brothers<Red "Barkley" (the barker!) & Chocolate "Baxter" went home together  to Kokomo, IN, just before Christmas.

 Roxie and Tim -

Attached is a photo of Amos.....he is 8 months old and weighs 16.5#. He is a very fast runner and loves to hunt. He is good about getting us to let him out to go to the bathroom. He loves the toilet paper rolls and it is hard to dust the floors because he likes to chase the mops. We are enjoying him.....he is very smart and spoiled.
Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.
As Always - Stan and Deb Y. and Amos  (12-22-12)


 "Mart~D" was one of our babies choosen by Jo Ann, after long deliberation to make sure that she was getting the very best Doxie for her family.

Renee comes to our Doxie house as often as she can to get her Doxie fix.  Renee & her family members have several of our adult Doxies.


My third "Mom", Inge, wanted to take "Teddee" home.  She told him to give her a kiss, and he did!  Teddee, our Dapple Shaded Cream boy went to a wonderful family in Westfield, IN. 

 Inge went to Heaven in Jan 2018, to take care of all the Dachshunds that crossed over The Rainbow Bridge. We'll see you on the other side, Inge.

Reggie is very proud of her Bentley & Bean winning 2nd place

in a 2010 Halloween contest.  We agree ~ should've been 1st Place !!!

Bean & Bentley's 1st Christmas (2010) .


Thanks to Julie Bottoms Brubaker (friend on Facebook), "Stormy" was choosen a few years ago, to become a member of her family.  She keeps us updated with photos, especially at X-Mas time.  Stormy is a beautiful LH Red Dapple, & was my hubby's favorite stud at the time.  He was a couple years old, house-trained & spoiled when we decided to let him go to his forever home. 

Stormy is still beautiful and spoiled at Julie's home.  < 2011


 There is nothing cuter than a cute girl holding cute Doxie puppies!!!               


 This is Willie & Weenie in their happy home!



 Of course Doxies get along with cats!


"Baby Lucy" has a X-Mas tree  at her new home... A letter for each name in the family

 "Baby Lucy" 

Updated photo of Xander }

 One of Lucy's pups.

He is Wirehair ~~ 


Our "Trixee" in the "Cat Condo". 

{R.I.P.Mocha} & Cocoa are near St. Louis in Missouri. 

{R.I.P. Mocha} & Cocoa getting ready for Christmas! 

  Coco & {R.I.P. Mocha} the solar dogs ~ recharging. 

 {R.I.P. Mocha} & Cocoa were visited by the Easter Bunny!




This LH shaded Cream female, "Kookee" is one of our newest additions to our Doxie gang.     
Thanks to Molly Williams in Center Point,TX .  
Molly raises wonderful Doxies...check her out  
on Face Book.                                     

    When you come to visit, get ready for some Doxie kisses!


       Emily & "Zelda"

(below)   "Spinner" & Tori 

Tabi Thomas sends updated pix of "Blue" Sparkee



 Bill in Indianapolis with his buddy, "Hank".

"Gunnar" ~ What a beauty U R !!!!! 

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