Roxie updated this site ~ December 13, 2010 

~ A house without a Doxie is as strange to me as a house without any windows ~ 

Stud Service available with a possible 6 Doxie Studs now~~

3 more young Studs will be up-coming. 

WELCOME to ROXIES DOXIES Club Paradise!  Our Doxies that run the house have free access to the carpeted back yard, complete with a slide to play "King of the Hill".  Toys that are outside get dragged inside, and the inside toys are dragged out the doggie door! 

Phone:  219-863-7687

Email:  CLICK HERE>>>>>

Roxie & Tim Plantenga

10598 E US Hwy 24

Idaville, IN  47950

Go to "Contact Us" page to see our Google Map 

My previous websites are still informative with Doxie info.  Click the links:   OR 

 Our Doxies are born in baby cribs.  When they're eyes are open, they are moved with their Mom to a big cage so they aclimate to the activities in our living area.  My husband and I handle them and our Doxie kids help socialize them.

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