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******* Next litters ~~ 

Two litters born in Feb/March. Next litters due in April & May.

Longhair ~ Shorthair ~ Wirehair litters.

*** See below for photos of present parents  

      {{{{{Shorthair ~ Longhair 

******Scroll down for photos of the expectant parents******

Our Longhairs are medium-coats


   People on our list will be notified

       as the pups' coats are determined.

 Pups that aren't spoken for will be

   posted on my Roxie Ebert Facebook page ~~

Occasionally, I get time to post on my "Puppies For Sale" page

here in my website, but they get spoken for quickly. . .






                             ~~ Shorthair  ~  Longhair  ~  Wirehair  >>>

                   with variety of Colors with Dapples & Piebalds    

~~~ Also see "Our Girls" page  and  the "STUDS" pages to see parents ~~~


                                   * * *See "Puppies For Sale"  page * * *


                                 See photos of future parents BELOW ~~~  

"Maui" (Wire Wild Boar Dapple Piebald) bred to "Spike".
  *     *     *     *     *
"Belle" (SH Shaded Red) bred with "Red" (SH Red).
"Red" (SH Red - carries Piebald) bred with Belle (SH Shaded Red).

 Thank you for checking back.

"Spike" Wirehair Red bred to Maui.
""Freckles" (Wirehair Wild Boar Piebald) bred to "ReeCee"  (SH Choc/Cream Piebald).
ReeCee (SH Choc/Cream Piebald) bred with Freckles.

************************************************************************************                                                                                                          ************************************************************************************


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