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******* Next litters ~~ 

 Three litters due for possible Wirehair (& smooth) & longhair ~~ in May.

*** See below for photos of present parents  

      {{{{{Shorthair ~ Longhair 

******Scroll down for photos of the expectant parents******

Our Longhairs are medium-coats


   People on our list will be notified

       as the pups' coats are determined.

 Pups that aren't spoken for will be

   posted on my Roxie Ebert Facebook page ~~

Occasionally, I get time to post on my "Puppies For Sale" page

here in my website, but they get spoken for quickly. . .






                             ~~ Shorthair  ~  Longhair  ~  Wirehair  >>>

                   with variety of Colors with Dapples & Piebalds    

~~~ Also see "Our Girls" page  and  the "STUDS" pages to see parents ~~~


                                   * * *See "Puppies For Sale"  page * * *


                                 See photos of future parents BELOW ~~~  

Parents due in May ~~~
"Jessee" (Wire Black/Cream) bred to Ringo (Wire Wild Boar).
"Freckles" (Wire Wild Boar Piebald), bred with Ringo.
Sheree (LH Cream) bred with Woodee (SH Red Piebald).

 Thank you for checking back.


"Ringo" (Wire Wild Boar - carries Piebald) bred with Jessee & Freckles.
Woodee (SH Red Piebald) bred with Sheree.

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